What you'll get in the BeamReaders On-Demand CBCT Education Bundle!

CBCT Educational Videos: Three Courses - 5 CE credits - $600 USD

  • This can help you learn about radiation exposure from CBCT, understanding field of view, and resolution when taking scans. Understand normal versus abnormal anatomy. And learn a comprehensive and thorough process for reviewing your CBCT scans. Coming soon? CBCT & implant dentistry!

  • CBCT educational video series by BeamReaders Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists Drs. Shiva Toghyani, Martina Parrone, and Kaycee Walton cover 3D anatomy, foundational information on CBCT imaging, and a comprehensive process for reviewing a scan. This should be utilized by those new to CBCT, and for those more experienced with CBCT, as a reference or training tool.

  • Want to check out some of the content first? Try the 'Free preview here!' above to see some of the courses and evaluate the content. Please note: you will still have to register to access the free content.

  • NOTE: CBCT and Implant Dentistry is NOT included in the 5 CE credit - $600 USD bundle. It is offered separately.